Yuki’s Story


Yuki Chua – Founder of Bellydance Discovery

Yuki embarked on her bellydance journey in 1998 during her studies in University of Sydney, Australia. She was first introduced to “Oriental Dance” at the age of eleven. It captivated her with the feminine nature of the dance and the possibilities of fleshy women dancing.Bellydance became a new language for Yuki to understand her body. She set up her studio for the purpose of spreading the joy of Middle Eastern dance education. Her strong dedication to bellydance has kept her motivated in pushing bellydance in the local scene and regionally. She has learnt from many great international bellydance masters and shares her knowledge with her students.  Yuki has also groomed majority of bellydance professionals in Singapore and will continue to develop highly skilled and quality dance professionals.Yuki holds a strong background in physical education and is certified in Aerobics, CPR and Basic Exercise Course. As a bellydance instructor, she has taught bellydance workshops and classes in Singapore and Malaysia since 2003.She has been featured on numerous publications.Interested to speak with Yuki for your events, performances and projects.  

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Personal words from Yuki Chua

yuki3“Let’s Dance!” is my most commonly-used phrase. You can probably tell that I am the sort who would be the first to make a beeline for the dance floor when I enter a club or party; just like a child drawn to candies. And this passion for dancing has only grown stronger through the years. Bellydance was introduced to me at the tender age of 11 when I watched a documentary about “Oriental Dance” on television. I remembered those dancers on the program not having model-svelte bodies; and, indeed, they were actually very curvy women but yet their movements were so soft, sensual & fluid. I was totally mesmerized by bellydancing and knew it was THE DANCE for me. My fate changed forever when I was studying at the University of Sydney, Australia. It marked the beginning of my Belly Dance journey – a wonderful journey that would lead me to self-discovery and self-expression. My first bellydance course was carried out in a museum-looking function room with no mirrors. We learned bellydance through the eyes of our course mates and, together, discovered a new language – body language with a heart. Through the years, Belly Dance has helped me get in touch with my inner-self and created an outlet for expressing the real me. It unleashed the beauty, grace, joy, feminine energy and creativity that had always been hidden in me. Now, I appreciate and love my body more than ever. I am a BIG girl with lots of curves and proud of it! Belly Dance nourishes my soul and keeps me spiritually, physically and mentally balanced. It has helped me tremendously on the road to recovery after years of crash diets and depression. It is a true wellness program that emphasises both “inner” fitness as much as the outer, physical form. I firmly believe each woman is a unique creation of beauty. I’d like to share my passion and knowledge about this unique dance form with other women so that they too can awaken their inner “Goddess” – just as I have. Learning from world-renowned dance & music Masters and instructors from Australia, Singapore, States, UK, Egypt, Brazil and Germany such as Hossam Ramzy, Serena Ramzy, Yousry Sharif, Magdy El-Leisy, Jrisi and many more. Solid Fitness & Health background:

  • 2 years of study in Human Movement & Health Education (Bachelor in Education), University of Sydney, Australia
  • Other fitness certifications include CPR, Basic Exercise Course, Aerobics Instructor Course
  • Ongoing personal training (strength & resistance) and one-to-one pilates classes
  • Keen interest in fitness & health information as well as education

Teaching experiences

  • Creative programs for children
  • Teaching under Sphinx Middle Eastern Dance & Arts early 2003
  • Teaching Bellydance Workshops & Classes in both Singapore & KL, Malaysia since 2003

Performance experiences

  • Have been involved in theatrical performances (both on stage & backstage) for over 10 years.

Other dance experiences (have learnt)

  • Hip-hop, Flamenco, African Jive and annual Bellydance learning trips to Turkey.

Signature style in dance

  • Dramatic, expressive, lively, creative; dare to be different
  • Wide choreographic & dancing ability (bellydance to music of many different cultures)
  • Belly dance styles: classical, modern pop, veil, cane, folklore
  • Bellydance Fusion: flamenco, pop style, hip-hop style

Strengths in teaching

  • Very creative, strong fun elements, innovative & genuinely caring instructor
  • Strong fitness & health knowledge e.g. techniques involving isolated muscle groups
  • All warm-up & cool down routines are designed together with qualified pilates instructors
  • Safety awareness – constantly advising students on how to prevent injuries
  • Creating interesting games and fun routines to learn new dance techniques
  • Students learn to dance to a wide variety of songs
  • Organise out of the class activities like haflas*, costume shopping, monthly clubbing and gatherings
  • Create showcase opportunities for students to perform in groups and/or solo
  • Deep understanding of what students want and individual learning styles
  • Continuous learning and advancement

Others – Rich experience in jewellery & costume-designing / making

*Hafla: basically refers to a party. A private hafla thrown by a belly dancer usually involves Middle Eastern music, dancers taking turns performing for each other, and some open-floor dancing for everyone to get up and enjoy the music.


Annual Bellydance Learning Trips – Turkey Travelled to Istanbul yearly to meet up with other bellydance teachers and their students who hailed from many different nationalities in order to exchange techniques and learn new moves. Also enhanced cultural understanding & appreciation.

Recent Major Bellydance performances (numerous performances in parties, weddings & D&D are not listed):

  • NUS International Exchange Day – September 2004
  • Asian Civilisations Museum Road show – September 2004
  • Raffles Marina, Asia’s Premier Marina & Country Club 10th Anniversary Celebrations
  • WOMAD Singapore – August 2004
  • Pyramid Dancers Annual Dinner & Dance – August 2004
  • The 1st Annual Malaysian EXOTIC HAFLA RAQS SHARKI – July 2004
  • Esplanade Flipside, Arts Festival 2004 with Bedouin Groove for 3 evenings – June 2004
  • Arab Heritage Week Opening Nite – June 2004
  • Singapore Zoo welcoming foreign visitor performance – June 2004
  • Rhythm of the streets Parade & concert as Street Festival Opening highlight – May 2004
  • Poetry Slam Cabaret Singapore Birthday Slam in Velvet Underground – May 2004
  • Lunchtime performance with Ministry of Law – May 2004
  • ST Dynamics Pte Ltd Retreat at Raffles Marina Club – May 2004
  • Press Conference of Street Festival 2004 with Ambassador Terance Cao in JB, Malaysia – May 2004
  • Press Launch of Street Festival 2004 with GOH, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister of Trade and Industry, National Development in Singapore-  April 2004
  • GAP Singapore Annual Dinner & Dance February 2004
  • Habitat for Humanity Singapore Opening February 2004
  • Turkish Nite Charity Dinner & Dance Dec. 2003 (also the organizer)
  • Standard Chartered Bank Annual Dinner & Dance – Nov. 2003
  • Night of Egyptian Rhythm and Dance July 2003 with Hossam & Serena Ramzy
  • Chinese Garden Summer Festival – June 2003
  • Chijmes “Get on With Life” Festival – May 2003
  • Dance for Peace – April 2003
  • NUS Jump & Hop 2003,
  • Canada Association Annual Party 2003
  • Stage Pal Annual Dinner & Dance 2002