Why Choose BDD


  • Genuine caring instructors who are willing to teach as much as they know and have.
  • Student-learning centric curriculum
  • Emphasis on Safe teaching methods to minimise injuries and bad habits
  • Lots of fun, and you always meet fun-loving great people here


 Our values are our core principles:

Empowerment: We believe every woman should be empowered
Inspiration: We believe every woman should be encouraged and inspired
Integrity : We believe in doing the right things
Loyalty:  We believe in building relationship in faith between friends and families
Togetherness : We believe in striving a happy family-oriented environment where joy and laughter abounds.


Students who come into BDD become our life-time dance mates. We transform individuals to confident and motivated women who believe in sharing passionately their dance, skills and we also equipped them with good skill-sets, knowledge and experiences.