Mission Impossible


Amelia Yong
Setbacks, mishaps, unhappiness. These were the three common words that has plagued Amelia Yong’s life, ever since she was born prematurely. Unable to walk until she was 4 years old, Amelia was not only restricted from most physical activities; she had also been involved in few unfortunate accidents that made her lost almost all hopes in life. However, she was gifted with a strong will to persevere. A trip to Egypt made her first fall in love with bellydancing. In 2006, a trial class at Bellydance Discovery gave her the courage to pursue her new dream. A new chapter of her life was waiting to explode.
Bellydancing made her feel graceful, feminine and even improved her physical health. With hard work, persistence and patience, she started to slowly regain her self confidence. Through Bellydance Discovery, Amelia was given the opportunity perform in a troupe dance, something which she never thought would happen. She went on to take up private lessons and within 2 years; making 16 perfect windmills turn is an easy thing for her. Although she is sometimes still haunted by all the ‘unhappiness’, ‘mishaps’ and ‘setbacks’, bellydancing has made it possible for her to move forward positively in life. She is still taking lessons at Bellydance Discovery and will continue pursuing her love for bellydancing.