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Madam Zaiton Buang, 44, even brought her 18-year-old daughter to try out the class while her 12-year-old daughter watched in a corner.

Said Madam Zaiton, a customer service officer: “I have been very curious about the dance, about the way these ladies can move so beautifully. It was my first time, and it was so much fun because the rest of the participants were very enthusiastic and sporting.”

The instructor was very helpful as well, said Mrs Sarapjeet Kaur, 50.

She had done Indian classical dance before and was game to try something new.

And even those who had tried belly dance found the workshop helpful.

Said Canadian International School student Maelle Meurzec, 17 (above, left): “It’s a good idea to get people to know these dances at an affordable price. I see a lot of interesting people from different age groups too, so it’s a great way to meet different sorts of people.

“I think it is a good, sexy kind of workout because I do think you can get aches from dancing this.”

And you certainly can.

Said Ms Chua: “This dance involves isolating some muscle groups and working those parts. So the women can get aches but also tone up their bodies after doing this for some time.

“Some of them came up to me after the workshop to say they were working out muscle groups they were not aware of, and they feel good!”