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It’s pressurizing being big in Singapore, says Yuki Chua, 30. But the former diet and sliming centre junkie has learned to overcome prejudice and be extremely comfortable in her 84kg, 160cm frame. Her secret? Bellydancing. “It lets women understand their bodies and be comfortable with what they have,” she says. The dance focuses on isolating different parts of the body and moving them independently in sensuous patterns. “You get better control of you body, muscle endurance and flexibility.” Best of all, anyone can do it, regardless of age or size. “It teaches a woman to love and accept who she is, even the flaws in her figure,” she says. Six years after she started bellydancing professionally, Yuki decided to turn instructor. “If a big chick like me can dance, anyone can.” Last year, Yuki was asked to teach bellydancing to the staff of the Institute of Mental Health. Instead, she offered to teach a course for the patients. It lasted four months and brought some big changes. “The patients used to be isolated and withdrawn. But once I got them interested, they would dance with me, talk to me and even hug me.”