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Originating from the Middle East, belly dancing was formally a birth ritual dance. Most people have the misguided notion that is a subset of exotic dance. In fact, Yuki Chua from Bellydance Discovery tells that belly dance was created as a form of exercise and communication, demonstrating a few moves for us.

“Shimmies help tone your butt and back. You can do the exercise while you are at work, even in the MRT, while relaxing. With the isolation of movement, you can swing better at golf and have better diaphragm control,” says Yuki, who also teaches butt crunches, where the left butt goes up and the right butt goes down. Amazing. The recent mother of one with 10 years of belly dancing experience under her belt shared that belly dancing helped her to hold her pregnancy well.

Being a bottom-centered dance, belly dancing builds a strong back, hips and abdominals. More complex than merely jiggling your rolls of tummy fat, it focuses on précis pelvic movements and body undulations. Tummy rolls, shimmies, undulations and ‘hip drops’ will soon be second nature to you when you embrace this art form.

Dancers can choose to perform solo or join a troupe for solidarity. The glittery belly-revealing costumes donned by veiled beauties during performances are more than sufficient reasons for one to take up this sensual mambo. They even dance with props such as candleholders and swords.