Sunday Times

Back in 2004, only two people showed up for Ms Yuki Chua’s first belly dance class. Today, 10 years later, thousands of students have passed through the doors of the 39-year-old’s Bellydance Discovery studio in Tanjong Pagar. Read More>>

CNN Travel

Belly, exotic, or circus? CNNGo reader Ruchika Tulshyan shows you where to go when disco and line just don’t do it for you anymore? Read More>>
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U Weekly

It was the season of football as World Cup 2014 returned to the home of football – Brazil! With that, the heat of Brazilian Samba was revived and drew attention for any event honouring  the sport. As one of the few dance schools to offer Samba lessons, U Weekly came knocking on our doors to learn a few steps into the Brazilian heat!

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2006 Sunday Times

Big girls are given the chance to learn some belly dance sexy moves, adding some spice to their marriage life. Read More>>

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The New Paper

Madam Zaiton Buang, 44, even brought her 18-year-old daughter to try out the class while her 12-year-old daughter watched in a corner. Read More>>
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I Love Sunday TV Show

IPatricia Mok and Belinda Lee in a face-off challenge bellydancing in local variety show “I Love Sunday”. Read More>>

healthy times

Healthy Times

Originating from the Middle East, belly dancing was formally a birth ritual dance. Most people have the misguided notion that is a subset of exotic dance. Read More>>


Lifewise Magazine

Belly dance is a sensual dance that shows off a woman’s  curves as she shimmies to the beat of catchy music. But did you know that belly dancing, first popularized in the Middle East, is also great exercise? Read More>>

Shape Magazine

It’s pressurizing being big in Singapore, says Yuki Chua, 30. But the former diet and sliming centre junkie has learned to overcome prejudice. Read More>>



They may come and go in an instant, but flash mobs are making a lasting impression here. Over the last year, a number of companies, mostly dance schools, have begun offering to put up such shows for a fee. Read More>>

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