Learning Courses

The Professional Courses are open to All BDD Students graduates & other schools


BDD’s Professional Certification Courses allows you to take charge of your own career advancement.  专业舞蹈课

The syllabus covers a wide range of dance subjects including not only techniques not also anatomy, history, performance skills, creative dance, mime and improvisation, music appreciation and skilled pre-professionals.

Target Audience

For Individuals

  • Career path planning and assistance for entry into a new industry
  • Skills upgrading and career advancement through clear progression pathways
  • Assess and benchmark individual capabilities against industry-established work standards
  • Present more clearly defined skills sets to potential employers via new qualifications and certifications


For Training Providers & Schools

  • Facilitate recruiting competent staff who are equipped with industry-specific capabilities and job-specific requirements
  • Develop and deliver dance programmes to meet industry needs
  • Strengthen in-house training capabilities


Professional Courses Learning Pathway