Tracy 1

About Me

Tracy was a gymnast and martial artist before becoming a dancer.  Having tried ballet, jazz, hip hop, modern, salsa and break dance, she fell in love with belly dance for its celebration of women’s grace and femininity.  Musical and stage performances are also no stranger to Tracy.  She is a professional singer, who has won numerous competitions and was once sponsored by the Taiwanese government on a singing tour to Brazil.


Teaching Style

“Never mind what others do; do better than yourself, beat your own record from day to day, and you are a success.” – William J H Boetcker


Training with Masters


- Kamellia of Paris Workshop in Hong Kong

- Ozgen Workshops in Phuket


- Rakkas Istanbul Dance Festival Workshops with Asena, Oscar Flores, Ozgen, Serap Su, Serkan Tutar, Sharon Mesguich and Yuki Chua in Istanbul

- Katerina Shereen Workshop in Hong Kong

- Nerissa Koukla Workshops in Hong Kong

- Ozgen Workshops in Singapore


Key Performances

- 2014 Asia Global Bellydance Competition (Amateur Group Category)

- 2015 Asia Global Bellydance Gala Show

- 2015 SG50 Dance Ambassador


What I want to see in my students

Dance with your heart!