I am born premature and could only walk at the age of 4.  I do not have any happy childhood memory like others and mine are of weak body, leg and fear. This is made worst by a car accident and now I still live with screw inside supporting my right knee cap. I am in no position to have any dream or passion.

With these “handicap” and in later part of my life, bellydance came to my path and I started it with great difficulties. I need to put in much more effort than the others to be on par with them. I encounter countless failures but this does not stop me from dancing further and better. I practice my bellydance more intensively from once a week till today to almost 5 days per week with 2 to 3 hours per day. Patience, persistence, determination and strive are my mottos.

Years have passed and my hard work is rewarded. I have taken up many challenges and many performances. Now here I am, I may not be the most excellent and graceful dancer, but I have dream and I am working towards my passion. I hope to share my experiences and passion with my students and let them have fun dancing happily together, whoever and whatever conditions you are.



Bachelor Of Accountancy, National University of Singapore



Everyone is different in terms of their physical structure, flexibility and their ability to execute different techniques. So my teaching to all my students are customized according to their capabilities. Dance safety should always be my priority for a longer life span of our dancing journey.




Performances in CLAP student showcases (troupe only) in Ang Mo Kio CC and Eastpoint Mall.


Started performances through own contact as Soloist/ Duet/ Trio/ Troupe in RC, charity for old folk home, company’ dinner & dance and Christmas parties.

Performing in school/ BDD’s hafla night since 2009 till 2015

Attended Hadia workshop


Chingay performance

Bellydance Discovery school concert Bellydance Fantasia 2010

Asia Global Bellydance Competition 2010 (troupe)

Bellydance Discovery 7th Anniversary Show at RTC

Serkan Tutar Show & Workshop in Veil & Crazy Drum Solo


Bellydance Discovery annual concert Dance Chameleon 2011 (Solo/ Troupe)

Serkan Tutar Workshop 2011


Pre Chingay performance and flashmob

Hilton Broadway Fusion choreography & American Tribal Fusion (ATS) technique workshop

Nigma’s technique & choreography workshop.

Flashmob for Bellydance Inaugural Musical – Emotionally Yours

Joined 2nd batch of Professional Dance Foundation (PDF 2012/2013)


Asia Global Bellydance Competition 2013 (Amateur Solo Category)

Asia Global Bellydance Competition 2013 (Amateur Troupe Category)

SSF Masterclass Workshops with Anastasia Biserova and Arina Fisova

Bellydance Discovery 9th Anniversary Charity Concert RAQS Party 2013 at Clementi CC

Joined 4th batch of Professional Dance Course (PDC 2013/2014)


Rakkas Istanbul Dance Festival 2014 in Turkey with Masters: Sharon Kihara, Tamar Bar Gil, Sibel Guzel, Orit Maftsir, Kiki Alma, Ozgen, Natalia Amira, Ismini Kayameiya, Athena Najat and Rachid Alexander.

Rakkas Istanbul Dance Festival 2014 in Turkey – Open Gala and Open Stage Performance

Asia Global Bellydance Competition 2014 (Amateur Solo Category)

Joined New Batch Professional Dance Foundation (PDF 2014) and awarded certificate of attainment & competency

Certificate of Competency in Learning Retreat Workshop in Phuket (Thailand)

Oversea performance in Phuket (Thailand)

Award of Appreciation By Ayu Herbal Singapore


Joined Professional Instructor Course (PIC 1)

Singapore Golden Brand Award & Lady of Excellence

Official Opening of PM International HQ Asia Pacific

Rakkas Istanbul Dance Festival 2015 in Turkey with Masters: Ismini Kayameiya, Yuki Chua, Serkan Tutar, Serap Su, Yoo Jin Pin, Ozgen, Oscar Flores, Gul Nihal, Morgana, Sibel Guzel, Khaled Mahmoud and Zom Zom

Rakkas Istanbul Dance Festival 2015 in Turkey – Open Stage Performance

Asia Global Bellydance Gala Show 2015 in Black Box

Committee member in organizing BDD Summer Hafla 11th July 2015

Certificate of Participation in SG50 Dance Celebration Project 2015 as Dance Ambassor

Joined Professional Instructor Course (PIC 2) and awarded certificate of attainment & competency.

Joined BDD as BDD Instructor



Accept who they are. Enjoy dancing. Confidence in themselves. Stay happy and healthy.



Let us dance safely and happily



Respect, gratitude, empowerment and inspirational.



No pain, no gain, let us train.

Keep on trying and never give up.

You will struggle today but with strength tomorrow.