1. Who is suitable to Belly Dance?
2. Do I need a big belly to dance?
3. What is the appropriate dressing for the belly dancing class?
4. Does Belly Dance helps to lose weight?
5. Can I Belly dance without any dance background?
6. What kind of music is used when Belly Dancing?
7. I had back and knee injuries, can I learn belly dance now?
8. Can I dance with high blood pressure & ‘poor’ heart condition?
9. Can a pregnant woman bellydance too?
10. What is the class like?
11. Can I do more than one class (same level) a week?
12. If I want to improve certain techniques, how can I do it?
13. When can I perform Belly dance?
14. If I miss one class, can I go for another class as make-up class?
15. If I have to be out-station or go on one week holiday, how do I make-up for the missing class?
16. Is bellydance like exotic dance or seductive dance?
17. How do i know if i am good enough to continue to next level?
18. What are the membership benefits?
19. What is the referral credit value?
20. I want to attend Bellydance course but financially I’m tight , what can i do?
How do I pay for course fees?

1) Bank Transfer

For bank transfer, email to info@bellydance.com.sg for bank details.


Benefits of Bellydancing

Belly Dance is more than a dance and fitness program, it’s also a wellness and social program. It benefits you beyond physical level. Belly Dance gives a zest to your current life mentally, spiritually and socially as well. The followings are the summary of the benefits Belly dance can bring you.

1. Physically

  • To increase overall fitness level
  • To strengthen and lengthen muscles
  • Helps to develop good posture
  • To increase flexibility
  • To improve self-image >> exercise improves body image

2. Mentally/ Spiritually

  • De-stressing; feel more relaxed
  • To increase body confidence and self esteem
  • To feel more positive mentally & spiritually as one gets more comfortable of her body and to express herself through dance

3. Socially

  • To make new friends who share a common interest – dance
  • To encourage interaction and communication among the participants and foster their bonds and relationships
  • A celebration of femininity and women power

4. Conveniences

  • Need no partner to dance, thus can dance solo
  • Ladies only classes, suitable to those ladies who are very shy
  • Belly dance is an expression of yourself through dance movements and therefore you can dance with any music
  • If you like to bring bellydance into your residences, please contact us how it can be set-up.