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So, your team has experienced several motivational talks, gone through the standard corporate profiling tools such as DISC, perhaps even outdoor team-building activities with Outward Bound. Looking for something new and exciting for your next team-building event?

Corporate Profiling

5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman
Although the idea of the love languages started out to help couples enhance their relationship, it has now evolved to such that it can also be applicable in a work environment. Through this profiling, your team gets to understand their own love languages as well as those of their fellow colleagues. How does this apply to working as team you may ask. Firstly (and most importantly), you will understand how you as an individual perceive as being appreciated. Secondly, by understanding another’s love language, you will know how to render appreciation to that individual, in a manner he/she receives it best. Thirdly, you get to understand how bosses show appreciation for their subordinates (it may not always be words of encouragement like “well done!”). Understanding all of this will bring your team closer to together.
The boys will learn how to drum some simple beats using the Tabla (a turkish drumming instrument). Some ladies have the option to have a shot at the Tambourines, and the rest of the ladies will learn to belly dance. At the end of it all, all groups will come together for a dance party session, which we typically call a Hafla in Turkish.
What does the above-mentioned activity encourage?
  • Challenging the individual to start on something new, and possibly out of their comfort zone (which does happen at work at times).
  • Emphasizing the idea of teamwork – the drumming will sound messy if they are not coordinated and worse still if not coordinated with the tambourines. The final show to have coordinated music with steps from the dancers.
  • Applying the concept of the love language in the form of encouragement and compliments during and after the activity.
  • Not just having fun, but a little of a cultural learning aspect to it, as we give a little insight into what Hafla is all about.
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23 April 2014 - Just Education Team Building

Team Building event for Just Education with over 80 people!