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Hey, a very warm welcome to the paradise of the Belly Dancing. It’s the beginning of a magical journey to self-discovery and expression. Together we will explore sensual body movements, dance to beautiful music and connect with our femininity. I firmly believe all women of different shapes, sizes & races can bellydance.


“Dancing is not just an exercise or an ART; its ability to translate music into bodily movements is highly satisfying and almost addictive. It not only improves overall fitness level, emotional and mental state of health, you will even feel that your body is energized, your soul is nourished, your mind is hyped, your mood is lifted and you can’t help but feel elated. Dancing – it’s a way of life!

– Yuki,
Founder of Bellydance Discovery

BDD was officially launched in March 2004 with only 2 students in a small studio to thousands of students all over Singapore.

Yuki Chua, our founder, innovated the way she taught belly dancing. She revolutionised and changed the way people thought of bellydancing. This brought forth the beginning of Bellydance Discovery brands and its courses.


Apart from the public run classes, we also hold regular corporate classes and workshops that involve all gender and ages, engaging our dancers to events and performances such as regular hafla, showcases, and community events alliances with statutory boards and private organisations.
We run an unique dance curriculum that is revised accordingly to benchmark bellydancing standard. Our founder, Yuki also devices better and safer dance methods for our students, instructors and professional dancers to adopt. With a dedicated team of well versed instructors, Yuki hopes to spread the wholesomeness of dancing to different levels.

BDD advocates in bringing dancing to the general public as we believe that

Our Vision, Mission & Values


Our Vision

“Happy People make the World

a Better Place



Mission Statement

Bonding People through happy and safe dancing

To Be The Leading Dance Instruction Academy for Professional Trainers


Our Values

Empowerment, Inspirational,
Integrity, Togetherness

Our Logo


Our logo represents women coming together to help and support one another to bring the best in each individual in a harmonious way.

We firmly believe in helping one another through good and bad times, sharing our passion of dancing and womanhood.

Loving ourselves, our families, our dance sisters and having respect for individual differences which makes each of us unique.

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